Saturday, October 15, 2011

ASOS purchase + SALE,

Hi guys ,
Since summer i have wanted to get this color block bag from ASOS. 
So I went to ASOS online and found Color Block Shopper on SALE hurray for sales and a polka dot bow tie (awssome)

1st.. BAG

Image 1 of ASOS Color Block Shopper 

ASOS Color Block Shopper
   Was: $ 43.65
   NOW $17.46


Image 4 of ASOS Polka Dot Bow Neck Tie 
regular price : not on sale :(   $13.97


Color block bag for fall, that just might be what fall was missing . Patterns ( POLKADOTS, STRIPES, HORSES , HOUNDSTOOTH PATTERN ???????? with this BiG color block tote bag mmmm...magic :) exaggerated i dont think so.....

hope you guys have a good weekend , i know i will that half of a fullest , dislocated  swollen up pinky toe is a *** uggh hope it heals really fast .

but anyways ..

%% Guys take advantage of asos free shipping all day ,
  everyday + the big 50% off sale  SHOPS AT ASOS BIG SALE !!!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

miss per preppy

hip hip to the prep.....!!! hip hip hip hip........!!


weekday out riding bikes but looking good haha. have not ridin my bike since i was  12  and now at 21 it was a piece of  pie surprisingly .  my sister decided to go all preppy . who doesn't like that preppy style .
we are sure diggin it. causal but no so causal , do you like??


                            top: old light blue collar blouse, Ross,  $ ???
                                                    sweater , H&M, $ 16??
                          bottom:  black leggings, you can find these anywhere :)
                         shoes : black leather ballet shoes , Off broadway shoes, $45
                           accessory:  pearl headband , Target, $8

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

antique chic

 vintage shopping always makes my day but today my other sister Esmeralda let us borrow her great finds that she found at a San Jose Downtown Flea Market . i felt in love with this skirt , its so well made . and the top is so gorgeous its actually an undergarment but it looks great as a crop top . Guys should definitely go vintage shopping :)
 We are diggin corset/undergarment /bodysuit... tops :)
and long wool skirts 

what do you think? 

                      Okay  so this is a vintage skirt  GAP skirt
                            and the top does not have a label :P

hope you like, so happy the weather is cold !! time to experiment, its raining yaya yeah yeah

::::::::::soon coming to your local lol 
::::::::::so excited hehe