Wednesday, March 14, 2012

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 snapped some pics inside home sweet home, two days ago (monday). the sunlight inside was really nice, today and tuesday has been rainy and grey, come back monday :P. modays sunlight made the room seem peaceful and i tried out my new reflectors i got via amazon.  i am getting into photography a lot  hmmm i should look more into this hobby of mine no? the pics are meeh but it was fun to take them, it was not like our other small shoots these reflectors made things interesting, we were goofing around and at the ended these were the only  decent shoots .  i choose my sisters outfit for the day: quirky & dressy . you my not be able to see the true colors because all of the shadows and contrast but the shorts at are peach color that is perfect for summer, the material is light and cotton so comfy is the perfect word for these shorts word and the bird print makes it funky, and we roll with the funk , 
enjoy the rest of the week  in shine or rain

                  top :  white pocket shirt , H&M
                          linen white blazer with blue lining,  LOFT
            bottom :  bird & striped shorts ( lounging shorts), Gap sale

                           striped socks  , Gap
              shoes:   Sam Edelman Petty boots , via Piperlime here

Lety & Lucy

Thursday, March 8, 2012

raw [ all saints ]

"a badass t-shirt dress that will 
be right for any occasion  day or night 
( ahhh & the seahorses love it )  
favorite piece from All Saints "                                                                   

                                                                 "If you have not stopped by ALL, you need to . There collection is so raw and all the pieces seem like 
  an investment because they can be used over and over 
and over again, definitely a life time piece. And check out 
"ALL SAINTS 's partnership with "NOT FOR SALE " 
a group that fights against human trafficking, 
even though i was aware of human trafficking i did 
not know that there could be such a thing as 
organizations that can fight against this scary world
 wide issue, i thought that the police or FBI was on this 
issue but it is comforting to know that someone is trying 
to stop this , so check out ALL SAINTS and how
 we can all help with the cause"

Lety & Lucy
Naz + Mag