Sunday, July 31, 2011

modest shorts

hope everyone is having a great weekend, yesterday we took a walk to  the park and decided to snap pictures, with the  new shorts & linen shirt I got at the 99cent store. it was so much fun, we took our dog tom&Jerry (tom is silent because we need a another dog to name it tom... idk). i paired my new light-wash high waist shorts with the crip white linen crop shirt . for shoes i went with my combat boots  in Boreaux . we used my moms old Anne Klein cream croc bag,
im starting to love little square bags.
we were trying to do an Annie hall at the very end ... ( hit or miss)?

favorite snapshot :0).

                                              Top: White linen crop blouse, 99cent store, $1
                                       Bottoms: Highwaist short, 99cent store, $1
                                           Shoes: Combat boots OLD , H&M, $36
                                Bag: Croc Cream Bag, Anne Klien, $ moms closet
                                                  Hat: Sunhat , Callejones LA, $12

        enjoy the sun Californians.

ps: lucy's temporary nickname : "sexy legs " thanks to creepy guys at the park, funny but creepy  if they only knew she is just 13yrs old

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Last weekend as I mentioned before was a great deal for me. I went thrift shopping unexpectedly, the thing is i took my mom to the 99cent store to get paper cups, paper plates etc. Boring right ... ? Nope ...I found a huge crate of clothing at this amazing place,  bored as I was I decided to peek inside , &  holly molly this is what I found... (best day ever)

This is my favorite piece , I am obessed!
Does anybody hear a yeeeehaaaa gitty up.. in the house.

Knit/ Thermal Oatmeal color . This one is super2x soft . So cuddly .
Similar shorts to the ones 
has in stock.Great find I must say all of my finds have  super soft feel, these denim short have a great soft material (worn in) , super soft + denim is a light sky wash :o) !,  I love the buttons, and pockets.

Crop white shirt Linen.. best shirt for the summer .

Easy Breezy
MY BIG KNIT  for only 99 cents is freakin amazing cant wait to make an outfit out of this. Super soft though heavy.
  Okay so all of this was  $5 dollars gosh , Jinkies Im so lucky, downside however was the 99cent store staff, kept looking at me pulling out everything from the crate, i probably looked like a little kid opening Christmas's gifts, (i bet they taught i was crazy). Luckily two older lady's joined me one of them found a Moschino blouse I envy that woman. I  Found so many more stuff here,  maybe going back next weekend .
 I washed everything before wearing obviously. just an FYI  before wearing thrift stuff.

Go check out your 99cent store and show me what you get  for 99cents .

Friday, July 29, 2011

Fashion School

                                            My meeting at FIDM was awwsome.!  
Im almost set for the fall 2011. 
Decided not to live in San Francisco ,but 
instead stay at home & commute from San Jose to 
San Francisco. Its going to be tough ( waking up early)
but that's the price of (FASHION).So Happy my parents are being so
supportive,love them with all my heart. Muah!

Fun Part : I shoot some pics of  recent student artwork at FIDM, 
( I adore how they have a museum going-on in the hallways :0) !)
Real work of art right ?!! 
Love the 1st dress.


Saturday, July 23, 2011

not related to FASHION

Okay I know this not related to my blog but my sister Lucy that features in  my blogs my "model" (because I am to scared of the camera?) Shows me all these "funny videos" from Youtube and tells me share with you guys but I don't . Anyways she is a big fan of the Talking Orange etc etc. But I really enjoyed this 1 video , very clever parts like the nose bugar part very random I know right? but my sister insists to share this video with you guys. Since she really just poses and puts on my clothes for my blog ( which she loves because she want to be model/actress) however I don't really do nice things for her and I thought this was a nice way to make her happy by making her favorite youtubers more known right ..she also asks for you guys to subscribe to there youtube channel The Dysfunctionals , well that's all... and heres the link.
PS. I went vintage shopping unexpectedly I found a thrift place in the most randomist place.
Will post soon!!
Oh and snapped pics of my other sister wearing a crop indian shirt she got at LA Callejones ( have you check this place out in LA it out  ) I will post up the pictures I took of her.
 Hope guys are enjoying your weekend :)
 Catch you later.

Friday, July 22, 2011


 What to do think of this color : BORDEAUX ?
This is a definite color for Fall, honestly this is a color that is pure elegance. I just love it. People associate Bordeaux with a wine color which maybe why I think it is a very elegant color? It also reminds me of brick?
Remember my trip to LA and I said I found a lot of  good stuff at Callejones well you will see another great find today.
These are the Bordeaux shoes I found at the Callejones place in LA arent they so cute, I like that buckle. I want some in black think I am going back for the black ones, and this was another bargain,  they were $24  got them for only $18 such a good price. This wine color that is so meant for the fall is driving me crazy that I can't wear them because it is super hot outside 94 degrees (outside) San Jose,Ca is heating up but an outfit is coming our way pretty soon featuring these wonderful shoes, I write a lot don't i .
Cant wait to style these shoes I am thinking of a skirts, leather maybe hmm? What do you think?

 What BORDEAUX essentials have you found for the Fall?? leave a link to your blog. So I can check it out .

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Big Knits and something more...

Hey everyone, I was thinking everyday I should I will be post my favorite trends for Fall, a little to soon maybe? I don't think so .. but I like  blogging so this is perfect, showing you want I am going to be looking for when I shop. I was also thinking  that I should share something about me, so you guys can get to know me better, it just feels a little weird to share my Bis & stuff but I am going to try to do something special about me & what I do & why I started blogging...
                                                                                                                           .....TO BE CONTINUED

        Big knits is one of those trends that you should not feel guilty of following. I always tell my friends and sister to make there own trends but you can't ignore a good trend. This is get up is comfy and warm. I don't know about you but in the fall/winter I LOVE lounging in my living room with friends in BIG COMFY clothing.

I am head over heels with this "trend". I am going hunt down a cable oversized sweater the BIGGEST one I can find. Moving on..You can even play this up. My favorite one is the Oversized Grey  Thermal knit sweater. I would add  a collar necklace or a bid necklace to this sweater  (but you have personally see the bib at the store a because you can't really tell if bib is to small or big, it has to be perfect I post a pic. in
case you don't know what I am talking about, I think of DIA FRAMPTON click here now when I see a bib :).

Show me your comfy Sweater :)! ( Really want to See!!!!!)
PS. Do you know of any great thermal leggins suggestions been surfing the web to find some but cant really find those good looking ones like the ones at Urban Outfitters click here. They do not have my size but this is a good sales price and the reviews are great. Also : What do you think of shopping on the Men's Aile ? I have been  going straight  to  that section hmm weird?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Victoria's Secret

            Every morning should be full of surprises just as this one.....

I had the most uplifting morning, I received the PINK mini- booklet/Magazine with all of there new stuff from there PINK collection  from Victoria's secret. and a card to any Victoria's Secret Pink or Victoria's Secret Store and receive a FREE PINK Lace Back Panty,  Just felt like sharing , and letting you know if you sign up to there mailing address, you can receive free stuff once in a while and be the first hear about special offers. I mean who doesn't like free stuff in the morning specially from VS. Hope you find this useful.
And DA TA DA I got my scholarship!!!!!!
Au revoir
Best Wishes , hoping all your weeks are filled of meaningful gifts and news

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Howdy Cowboy boots


Hey guys just wanted to share these pictures I took of the sister. I love cowboy boots right know they are so much fun and go with almost any outfit. Since I went to LA last weekend I went to the Callejones it is such a fun place to go to if you like bargaining, most of the stuff I saw there were mainly pieces from Forever21, Papaya, Love Culture, Charlotte Russe etc. But unlike these stores  here you can bargain your away for $20 to $12. Some shoes were $ 9. My resent oxfords that I bought at TJMaxx for $20 were $9 at this wonderful place .
(Callejones had the high tops oxfords that are soldout at Modcloth

Such a neat place to shop and eat  street food?? look it up if you are in LA.  Anyways One of my greatest finds was this lovely sun hat I am in love with it and yes it was originally $20 dollars but I  persevere and when it came down to it the lady hadn't sold a single that , so I won ($12)!  I was waiting to pair this hat with my birthday boots (that I got on Sale) that arrived this week . They  we made for eachother hat + boot. I pair them it a simple pleated dress. And this was the end result ? What do you think of this outfit ?

Dress : Charlotte Russe, Pleat Dress(OLD) $20
Hat : LA, Straw Sun hat (unique find), $12
Shoes : ALDO, Ankle Deir Cowboy Boots, $79

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Quirky Blue


Quirky patterns are my thing right now especially
pastel blues.
I paired this light Blue Polka – Dot crop shirt with a
light seafoam Dragon Fly Shorts it makes it fun and QUIRKY .
The necklace gives this assemble shine and poop, 
the gold beads make it look upscale 
and less child like. The shoes made the whole school quirky
theme more alive. 
The circle glasses are a nice touch to this look very Asian nerdy,
which I am a huge fan of. 
The bag is a two tone neutral and has stripes of glitter,
Plus the neutral tan colors do not take the focus out 
of the soft blue shirt and shorts.