Saturday, July 30, 2011


Last weekend as I mentioned before was a great deal for me. I went thrift shopping unexpectedly, the thing is i took my mom to the 99cent store to get paper cups, paper plates etc. Boring right ... ? Nope ...I found a huge crate of clothing at this amazing place,  bored as I was I decided to peek inside , &  holly molly this is what I found... (best day ever)

This is my favorite piece , I am obessed!
Does anybody hear a yeeeehaaaa gitty up.. in the house.

Knit/ Thermal Oatmeal color . This one is super2x soft . So cuddly .
Similar shorts to the ones 
has in stock.Great find I must say all of my finds have  super soft feel, these denim short have a great soft material (worn in) , super soft + denim is a light sky wash :o) !,  I love the buttons, and pockets.

Crop white shirt Linen.. best shirt for the summer .

Easy Breezy
MY BIG KNIT  for only 99 cents is freakin amazing cant wait to make an outfit out of this. Super soft though heavy.
  Okay so all of this was  $5 dollars gosh , Jinkies Im so lucky, downside however was the 99cent store staff, kept looking at me pulling out everything from the crate, i probably looked like a little kid opening Christmas's gifts, (i bet they taught i was crazy). Luckily two older lady's joined me one of them found a Moschino blouse I envy that woman. I  Found so many more stuff here,  maybe going back next weekend .
 I washed everything before wearing obviously. just an FYI  before wearing thrift stuff.

Go check out your 99cent store and show me what you get  for 99cents .

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