Monday, July 18, 2011

Victoria's Secret

            Every morning should be full of surprises just as this one.....

I had the most uplifting morning, I received the PINK mini- booklet/Magazine with all of there new stuff from there PINK collection  from Victoria's secret. and a card to any Victoria's Secret Pink or Victoria's Secret Store and receive a FREE PINK Lace Back Panty,  Just felt like sharing , and letting you know if you sign up to there mailing address, you can receive free stuff once in a while and be the first hear about special offers. I mean who doesn't like free stuff in the morning specially from VS. Hope you find this useful.
And DA TA DA I got my scholarship!!!!!!
Au revoir
Best Wishes , hoping all your weeks are filled of meaningful gifts and news

1 comment:

  1. the clutch is from H&M, it was part of the Fashion Against Aids collection. =)