Saturday, July 23, 2011

not related to FASHION

Okay I know this not related to my blog but my sister Lucy that features in  my blogs my "model" (because I am to scared of the camera?) Shows me all these "funny videos" from Youtube and tells me share with you guys but I don't . Anyways she is a big fan of the Talking Orange etc etc. But I really enjoyed this 1 video , very clever parts like the nose bugar part very random I know right? but my sister insists to share this video with you guys. Since she really just poses and puts on my clothes for my blog ( which she loves because she want to be model/actress) however I don't really do nice things for her and I thought this was a nice way to make her happy by making her favorite youtubers more known right ..she also asks for you guys to subscribe to there youtube channel The Dysfunctionals , well that's all... and heres the link.
PS. I went vintage shopping unexpectedly I found a thrift place in the most randomist place.
Will post soon!!
Oh and snapped pics of my other sister wearing a crop indian shirt she got at LA Callejones ( have you check this place out in LA it out  ) I will post up the pictures I took of her.
 Hope guys are enjoying your weekend :)
 Catch you later.

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