Friday, July 22, 2011


 What to do think of this color : BORDEAUX ?
This is a definite color for Fall, honestly this is a color that is pure elegance. I just love it. People associate Bordeaux with a wine color which maybe why I think it is a very elegant color? It also reminds me of brick?
Remember my trip to LA and I said I found a lot of  good stuff at Callejones well you will see another great find today.
These are the Bordeaux shoes I found at the Callejones place in LA arent they so cute, I like that buckle. I want some in black think I am going back for the black ones, and this was another bargain,  they were $24  got them for only $18 such a good price. This wine color that is so meant for the fall is driving me crazy that I can't wear them because it is super hot outside 94 degrees (outside) San Jose,Ca is heating up but an outfit is coming our way pretty soon featuring these wonderful shoes, I write a lot don't i .
Cant wait to style these shoes I am thinking of a skirts, leather maybe hmm? What do you think?

 What BORDEAUX essentials have you found for the Fall?? leave a link to your blog. So I can check it out .


  1. Wow, these shoes are stunning! It's a really cool style of oxfords, and the color is definitely great. I'm sure it'll go with everything :)

    Lubna | ELLE VOX

  2. Question - do you ever have trouble finding the perfect, simple cotton shirt or tank top? Would love to hear your answer on the FABB Network's FB page: the FABB