Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ah aloha! Beach day ensemble

[ “Beach days are the best days of a summer vacation. 
You never know when you friends might
 get the crazy idea of making a trip to the beach so be prepared.”]
 “A light acid wash shorts looks
 great with a crop white shirt,
 and the front knot of the shirt takes                                  
this look to the 1950s”.          
                                      “The black bikini is simple
                                       but it fits right in with this look”.
“The black chain sandals are
 edgy and keep this look
 in its era”
“These earrings leaves are summery and
what shines more in the
 summer than gold earrings.”
“The canvas bag is meant
                                                                                       for a summer wardrobe,
                                              and its big enough to fit
                                   in beach towels ,
                                                 and all your beach  musts”.

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