Thursday, December 8, 2011

the jig is up

finals week has to be the most stressful part of any college experience. 
procrastination is a *****. gosh i will never learn, on top of that
i was  freaking out yesterday because my weirdo computer did not want
to open my power points but lucky I had save them in my USB, just 
want to sleep for days FML or go shoot my outfit ahhhh photography
calms me down!! two Power Point presentations down , one more to 
go, (CRUNCH TIME) & I am done. then Spring semester starts, dang!. keep 
it up college people. cheers to the freaking weekend looking forward to it

but in the mean time here is a little gift from BENEFIT 

Get a free mini total moisture with ANY purchase. Enter BLITZEN at checkout. Offer valid now through December 14th 11:59p PST. Valid with standard shipping offers.  
OH and  
URBAN OUTFITTERS click here  is having a 70% SALE !!!!!!!! 

whoopi Christmas shopping for the sistas, this part helps to with the bundle of stress i have. who never came up with shopacholicism as a disorder is cray cray !! 
this stuff works like a charm !!! everytime


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