Saturday, January 14, 2012

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   its been quite awhile that i have been away from my blog. i feel as if had not feed my puppy in weeks and it been starving for a treat lol. this blog is my space for myself and the little sister to share are taste for the goods. i can not believe i have not been posting regularly on outfits & what has been going on, but work + the holidays + school left us feeling lazy these days . however i did shoot some pics of my sister in outfits styled by yours truly. they will be posted it in the following days.  
on another note :

* here is me wishing you a late HAPPY NEW YEARS !! hope you made a wish or resolution , because these  always bring faith and motivation to better days.  2012 hell yeah new dreams and goals.

moving on i have been surfing the web of  my favorite store + have found new online store that have tickled my shopping ways?? haha.. they have become my stalking fashion sites, lol , i am  the new kinda of weirdo that admits to fashion stalking . i am developing a taste that is edgy yet simple, with pieces that can be used in the next 5 to 10 years over and over again.  which i am proud of , that means less impulsive shopping, which is a good thing to work on because since i am a college student shopping intelligently is always a good skill.

1. TOPSHOP waistcoat
2. Urban Outfitters  wire photo clips
3. Fee People ring
4. Creatures of Comfort  metal sunglasses
6. MADEWELL geo earrings
7. Miss Selfridge colourblock dress

" Chunky heels , Geometric Jewelry , Cutoff blazer and neon cutoff dresses are blowing my mind "

i love the price on the Alexander Wang shirt , it is not going to get better that this . What to you think of the black bird wire photo clips, this will add a nice touch to my room decor ( it is my new year resolution to change my room up a bit) . the sunglasses are serious show stoppers, like enjoy fact that they have metal arrows on the sides. the ring is the perfect geometric ring yay . 
Hope you enjoy this post and check out 
super super pricy shops but hey a little saving will to the trick.
Lety & lucy 
Naz +Mag

( i like say later like this
toddles,Lety & lucy Naz +Mag) hmmm..

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