Wednesday, September 5, 2012

fornever simplicity


           dress: H&M| sweater: H&M beautiful one here| boots: Sam Edelman find here | necklace: mixture

right after wonderful weather days that summer brings , i have a huge urge to cover up  but realize that i have nothing but short, dainty,sleeveless clothing in other words a summer wardrobe however  muah here put this little  outfit together wuala ! i now know things are going to be okay ha ha, anyways , my sister here, is wearing what i put together she looks beautiful. I love this combination of color for summer and winter. The color palette looks so delicate and romantic almost soothing ,right ?
Its so easy to put together : a white dress + grey textured sweater + brown suede boots = easy peesy
peace ,
 Lety + Lucy

ps: how is the weather on your neck of the woods?

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