Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Todays outfit: Street chic that sandy t-shirt

" that one SANDY COLOR "      
 (sorry for the bad lighting)

Finally I did a mini photo shoot with my sister.
It was a really fun. We bonded and had a few laughs.
It was Awesome. My camera is a huge disappointment though.
It is a battery camera: hp photosmart E217. The battery is out in 2 hours.
On another note, I decided to do  use one of my favorite
shirts that I recently purchased for this look, the sandy color on this shirt is amazing, you can call it an off-white shade but it’s definitely sandy looking, it is an oversized pocket shirt, the material is super soft, I love it! I paired it with a fringed shoulder bag that has a corset feel to it. The white shorts, I found at a thrift shop, it seems as they were originally white jeans, the material is also
 fantastic, it has gold sewing stitches. It is a high waist short
definitely summer shorts. We decided to use basic ballet black flats that are
super comfortable. This look is appropriate to go to school even. 
You can definitely switch
the shoes to a black pair of sandals, even wedges.
[As for makeup we just used (Cargo One based Concealer + Foundation In One), $26 at]
 It is light weight formula and it is perfect for hot summer, touch ups are great it doesn’t give you a cakey look if you feel the need you have to reapplying.     ( Which is not even necessary to be honest.) It evens out skin to
 Perfection. Hides imperfections like acne and blackheads. I have used this tube for a long time now and I never had any
complains. I love this portable tube. I did not use any other product besides this on her for this photoshoot.

(I lost receipts so I will try to be as exact as I can on where I purchase the outfit pieces)

Top:  H&M, oversized t-shirt, $14
Bottom: Thrift Store, white shorts $ 12
Belt: Calvin Klein, skinny black belt, $ 18
Bag: H&M, shoulder fringe bag, $ 16
Shoes: Off Broadway, shoes black ballet flats, $30

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