Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Clean & Fresh = White Trend



"Fresh, Clean, Angelique  just that like that White trend"


I love this Clean Look!  White was in almost every runway this spring.  White is my favorite color but people say it is not a color it is the absence of color, anyways I love white it is clean and fresh. Neutral colors are just awesome but not as awesome as white. I love this “absence color”!? The white blouse is amazing gorgeous I like that it was two pockets, and the buttons are a nice gold shade, If you don’t want to wear everything white but still like that white clean look , go for pieces that are a soft color. A light blue blazer as this one pairs nicely with light beige shorts. I especially like the design of these shorts they have an interesting front detail. As for a bag keep it clean again if you like the CLEAN look but do want to go overboard like myself, go with a sea foam bag with as little detail as possible to keep the outfit fresh. I just love these shoes and the chunky heel they look very sophisticated and the color is neutral with black outlining which fits right in. Lastly, if you must add jewelry, add small jewelry that are gold or a neutral color. I love these squared studs and the ring is just beautiful, love the wings! Very angelique look.


But do as you wish beauties ,  your style is yours!