Friday, September 2, 2011

Meow : cat eye + python+ collar

Hi Guys

 took too long to post  this up but finally came around to it. 
 Cheers to the freakin  weekends that over exhaust you ?
my excuse to being lazy the whole week

                      any way.........

Show of comments , who is loving CAT EYE SUNNIES? 

who is  loving python in brown ? &

who is  loving the collar blouses? WE ARE

We got in mail these cool shades from pop city via Amazon , they are the Tom Ford sunglasses inspired kitty shades (do you like?) And the debut of  my handmade snake shorts he he ( well its natural state was a skirt that then my hands turned them into a pair of shorts) what to you think?
a little summer/fall outfit no?

Accessory:  Tom Ford inspired sunglasses , $7 , popcity via amazon
Top: Collar blouse, $15 , H&M
Bottom: python short/skirt, $6 , Kohls
Shoes: callejones Bordeaux oxfords $12, LA Callejones
   Oh and what do you think of the dark lipstick? sister and I are loving it!!!

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