Friday, September 23, 2011

shorts that spite

Hi my 2 followers,
i know it takes me forever to post these outfits up but here you go! 
i bought these shorts a long time at H&M ago but did not know which way to go .
(they rock out to loud :P) 
, so I remembered 
                   a simple rule: a crispy white collar shirt goes a long way. 

(muahmuahhahaa i love it ) 
fav shorts know after i took this photo of my sister in them 
oh yeeh..

accessory: Tom Ford inspired sunglasses, $7 , popcity via amazon
          top: white collar shirt with open back ,  $12 , H&M
    bottom:  zipper shorts, $20 , H&M
       shoes: old suede taupe booties,  $54 , Nine West
                                                                            FALL GET HERE SOOOOOON

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