Monday, November 28, 2011

Bow that Demin

 hi my fellow viewers, here is me and the little sis wishing you late happy holidays.
let me just say that I had the best THANKSGIVING DAY . We had SOPES ( a mexican dough that is more like a thick yummier tortilla that can be stuffed on top with beans, mexican cheese, sour cream, lettuce, minced chicken or minced stake etc.), pineapple ham, mash potatoes, fruit & veggie salad, pumkin pie, red velvet cupcakes, and cookies. Delicious right? my family dinner was chill and amazing , i gave thanks to Jesus for keeping my mom healthy and on the right track with her diabetes, also for a united family and for my new job that i love
CLUB MONACO. thanks you Jesus.
 anyways back to the subject

recently i have been shopping everywhere that has good deals and sales.
i have been wanting a new jean shirt , i usually purchase jean apparel at a thrift simply because the matrial is always softer and less stiff. this jean shirt is super soft and for the bows i find my self trying to buy any collar bow i find usually they are in the men section. this is a wine velvet bow i found in the mens section at H&M so quirky LOVE IT both items were found at H&M

as for the shoes , since working at Club Monaco i have to say that there color scheme is more neutral and feminine. which is totally me but i have always been more edgy and like bold colors , minimalistic and structure apparel as for my shoes they are not simple neutral shoes so went shopping trying to hunt down the perfect comfy boots , and golly i found them at my best kept secret store before the maxinista commerical. TJMaxx carries the best shoes and are fashionable and most of there selections are good deal shoes.  i found my UNIONBAY shoes at TJMaxx, i have to say that they are super comfy and I can walk in them for 6 hours striaght and not feel tired.
i went to Bestbuy and Frys electronic trying to get my hands on a XBOX 360 but surely enough they soldout, no luck :(   and just the usual online shopping at UO, Free people, ASOS etc.
but let me say  peeps get freaking crazy at electronic stores trust me guys if you think fashion retailer shoppers get crazy in black friday, the techi people are a million times worse but hey who can resist a big sale !!!!!!
                          TOP: jean shirt , H&M here
                       Bottom: black shorts, H&M here
                 Accesories: velvet wine bow & sheer black suspender tights, H&M here
                        Shoes: UNIONBAY tan suede rubber booties, TJMaxx here
                   Makeup : benetint lip&cheek & big beautiful eyes,

Take a look at H&M wensite some inspiring outfits at the H&m blog !!!
 check out TJMaxx amazing finds , love this section of the website maxinista

Mexican SOPES for thanksgiving , screw that dry turkey lol 
just wanted to share how they look

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