Thursday, November 3, 2011


Top of Form
Bottom of Form


                                 no words to describe my obsession for these ... heres the story ....

                                                                                             I get really irritated when it rains (dont get me wrong I love the rain)
                                                                                             but in San Jose its another story when the rain
                                                                                             comes out of the bloom,  its all sunny outside 
                                                                                             & and bam! rain ... by the way I do not own a lot of hoodies or an umbrella
                                                                                             so I thought about it, .. & my best solution, wa-laaa ding dong 
                                                                                             and the winner is :
                                                                                                                                LEATHER AVIATOR CAPS

                                                                                                Well what do you think about this concoction crazy o amazing?
                                                              (comment have to know what you think of it ??)
Top of Form
Bottom of Form





                                                                                                   talking about hats what do make of this hat from STYLE BOP.COM

                                                 by MAJE available at STYLEBOP

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