Monday, November 14, 2011

HONEY & HIVE de Piperlime


these HONEY & HIONE GREYSON shoes are my first purchase from, i have to say that this website has best shoe selection and it features celebrity guest editors like Rachel Bilsons,  which is a big plus ( and there packaging is lovely just saying) , i love Bilsons style ALOT, there more celebrity guest editors such as Rachel Zoe, Olivia Palermo, and Byrdie Bell.
these rocking wedge boots are Rachel Bilson's pick here , not only did that influence my first buy but i love the whole look of the shoes so Alexander Wang and that pointy toe is what me had me dreaming of it for days . so I say shop at ,cool shoes and great picks from celebrity stylist as Rachel Zoe , so you can't go wrong right ??  and super awsome deals .
Are you digging this knit cardi?
Got to say very comfy .. love that for fall .

My sister here is wearing 
Top:       oversized cardi knit in wine , H&M
              white back cut off blouse, H&M       
Bottom:  soft leather skinnies, H&M
Shoes:    Honey & Hive Greyson wedge booties,

PS: I have been  so busy , I have not even edited my first youtube video uggh promise I will do it this week toddles, Letty


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  4. Really Beautiful Blog - and stunning photos! Though I have only just come across it, I can honestly say that your blog is great and congratulate you, as well as remind you to keep up the good work! PS: Your sister looks really pretty here, and the boots are absolutely gorgeous. I want a pair!